About the first hill improvement association 

The First Hill Improvement Association champions a dynamic and safe First Hill for all, through:

  • advocacy on key issues affecting the neighborhood;

  • providing a forum for discussion;

  • programming community events;

  • tracking and communicating important changes and their impact to the community; and

  • connecting residents, visitors, and employees to create the best and most livable neighborhood possible.

First Hill's strategic plan 

In 2018, the First Hill Improvement Association undertook the process to develop an updated Strategic Plan which guides our work for the next three years. This document establishes Committees, value statements, missions, and work goals.


FHIA's History

“When the big issues crop up we sort of spring into action,” said Michael Gray secretary of the First Hill Improvement Association in 1997. It was an apt description. Since 1958 when First Hill residents, medical institutions, and businesses organized to address problems of insufficient police protection, inadequate city lighting, and the effect of the recently proposed freeway, the association has taken an active role to retain the qualities that make First Hill one of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods.