Light Rail in First Hill 

First Hill's History with light rail

In 1996, the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) and voters approved the Sound Move regional transit plan that was designed to include a First Hill light rail station at Madison Street and Boylston Avenue. 

Back in 2005, the Sound Transit board voted to remove the First Hill light rail station, citing construction risks. In the meantime, Sound Transit decided to surplus the First Hill light rail station property for Transit Oriented Development. 

Fast forward to 2016, where Sound Transit proposed the ST3 plan, which was then approved by voters. The ST3 plan calls for a light rail line from West Seattle to Ballard via a new underground tunnel with a Midtown station

Our Request

A comprehensive and good-faith analysis of the potential for a First Hill location for the Midtown Station.

 1996 Sound Move Transit Plan

1996 Sound Move Transit Plan

 Early Scoping 2018

Early Scoping 2018

Why First Hill? 

Population growth.
>22 residential developments planned or underway.
>4,700 new  units
>~7,100 new residents
>70% population increase

Regional employment center.
>Tens of thousands of employees at three medical institutions
>24/7 jobs need reliable service
>Employees come from around the region

Access to healthcare services.
>Healthcare center for the Puget Sound region.
>Tens of thousands of patients and caregivers daily

Connections to culture.
>Arts, culture, religious and heritage institutions, and schools with visitors from around the city and region

Equitable access.
>Higher than average elderly, disabled, and poverty rates.
>Lowest rate of car ownership in Seattle aka highly transit-dependent


Get Involved! 

>Attend Sound Transit Meetings!
>Write a letter in support of a First Hill Light Rail Station-
>View FHIA's letter to Electeds
>Join the FHIA Transportation Committee - which meets every first Monday of the month at 5:30p at Skyline!