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Age Friendly City Hackathon

Imagine yourself in Seattle 20 years from now. Or 40 years from now. Or maybe 60 years from now. What does your life here look like? Has our world adapted to support you in your later years? How can the city itself contribute to health, longevity, and a vibrant life?

On September 22-24, 2017, to coincide with the National Day for Civic Hacking and in partnership with the Age-Friendly Seattle initiative, the City of Seattle will host a hackathon called A City for All. At this event, you'll have a chance to work on these issues with subject matter experts. We'll have a mix of existing open science projects you can join and opportunities to develop new project ideas together with mentors. 

Event Registration, Schedule, and Details Here

We welcome market-based solutions, civic apps, data visualizations, design proposals – anything that your imagination and skills can offer.

We invite:
data scientists with an interest in measuring accessibility, age-friendliness, and displacement
designers and urban planners with an interest in proposing improvements to our built environment
software developers with fresh ideas for using technology to make the city more accessible to all